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  • Piercing services and anatomy consultations

    30 min

    By pricelist
  • Realism tattoo style

    1 hr

    Price per hour
  • Traditional and ornamental style

    1 hr

    Price per hour

about us.

Established as a Piercing Boutique under the brand Saturnmoon and co-founder of Studio Mortis has now developed into a unique single Tattoo and Piercing studio operating only under Saturnmoon Bodyart. Situated in the heart of Koper, coastal town in Slovenia offers visitors a full insite in the body art industry, creative process and operates also as an art shop and gallery. Tea the founder of the brand is a professional body piercer with a large amount of training and professional experience over the years. In her work she is focused and dedicated on a person's specific anatomy and trying to accomplish a perfect unique and individual style for each of her customers. Following the motto: “your body as a temple” she is reaching for astonishing piercing performance and jewelry combinations as well as body piercing education and after care. In this creative collective space we have two tattoo artists working beside her. Kei specializes in realism tattoo techniques, most preferably in ancient roman and greek mythology themes. She enjoys big and creative projects and takes each customer individually and passionately which resembles in her work. She operates under the name Nejc has taken a different path with tattoo styles and does traditional and ornamental art. With bold lines and perfect shading his art expresses his unique style in which he draws all his design from scratch and prefers to follow the anatomy lines of each specific customer. You can check him out under the name Each of the individual tattoo artists offer a different aspect of tattoo styles making together a perfect balance of styles and services.



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